"The Science of Fitness Made Simple"

~Marcus Borg

What Mindtomusclefitness is all about

If your goal is to build a stronger and leaner physique without supplements or drugs then this is the site for you!

My goal is to provide science based solutions to help you reach your goals, no gimmicks, no special diet pills...​

Being a complete beginner to weight training or weight loss can be so daunting. You have to contend with conflicting information, fad diets (I'm talking to you Paleo!) and unrealistic standards.

I want to put a STOP to this by providing research based articles and informative Ebooks that are simple and easy to understand.​

Alain Gonzales

Founder of MuscleMonsters

”In an industry full of noise and confusion, it's becoming more and more difficult to decipher fact from fiction. That's why Marcus Borg's work is a breath of fresh air. If you're looking for sound information that's straight to the point and easy to digest, check out the site”

​Mindtomusclefitness was founded by Marcus Borg in December 2016

After quitting his first job in retail Marcus knew his passion lay elsewhere. Frustrated with the lack of honest ambassadors in the fitness industry Marcus set out on a personal journey to ​educate others on how to build the body of their dreams naturally.

​The goal of Mindtomusclefitness is to provide simple science based solutions that the every day Joe or Jane can understand. Marcus believes that ANYONE can achieve their fitness goals no matter how big (or small).