How to get insanely strong with the Bulgarian method

bulgarian method

“Less is more”This is something that’s drummed into our heads at an early age.   We’re told that we should strive for “work-life balance”…And we shouldn’t push too hard in the gym or we’ll over-train.But this isn’t the mentality of a champion.If you wanted to become a pro golfer, would you practise just 1 hour a […]

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The truth about SARMs (everything you need to know)


Natural bodybuilding is hard.Sometimes it feels like you’re doing everything right:You consistently hit the gym 2-4x per week.You diligently track your macros.And you spend a small fortune on supplements.But progress churns along at a painfully slow speed.What gives?Here’s the deal:As a novice lifter, you can add weight to the bar every single session (up to […]

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3 Reasons why the GOMAD diet is stupid

GOMAD diet

To build muscle, you need to eat enough calories to gain weight consistently.But for skinny guys, this can be a real challenge.These “hardgainers” often resort to stuffing their faces with copious amounts of food.And when this fails they turn to gym bros for advice.The golden nugget of wisdom imparted to them is either “eat until […]

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How to boost muscle growth with occlusion training

There are countless “new and sexy” training methods discovered all the time…And most of them over-promise and under-deliver.The majority of these gimmicks have no scientific backing and use clever marketing to trick unsuspecting beginners.   Knowing this, it can be hard to trust new training methods and all too easy to dismiss them.A recent example of […]

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How to build super grip strength (ultimate guide)

Having a strong grip is like a superpower:You can crush objects  You can hold onto heavy bars for extended periods of timeYou can do cool bodyweight variations such as finger pullups without breaking a sweatSounds awesome, right?What if I was to tell you that anybody can build super grip strength, in as little as 30 minutes […]

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Dumbbells vs barbells (for strength) | The ultimate battle

If you were stranded on a desert island…and could only pick one: dumbbells vs barbells, which would you chose?These are the questions that keep me awake at night…And seeing as though I was strapped for article ideas, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to decide 🙂In this highly (un) scientific debate, I’m going […]

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3 Amazing back and bicep workouts (for god-like strength)

back and bicep workouts

Do you want a wide, muscular back and biceps that pop shirt sleeves?You need to use the right exercises!Too many guys fill their back + bicep routines with fluff and pump exercises that don’t do jack shit.  Let’s use the biceps as an example:Most bodybuilders think they need to use cables, dumbbells, barbells, and different […]

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3 quick chest and tricep workouts (for a rock solid chest)

Are you looking for an effective chest and triceps workout?You’ve come to the right place!In today’s article, I’m going to be show you step-by-step how to build bulging pecs and ripped triceps.Here’s what you’ll learn: check How to target the middle & upper chest with special exercises check The secret to hitting all three heads […]

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