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Build the ultimate male body 
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Size, Symmetry, and Strength.



Do You Want to Build The Body Of Your Dreams?

The fitness industry is full of liars and snake oil salesmen who over-promise and under-deliver..

If you want real, tangible results, then you need to have excellent programming.

There are hundreds of 'gurus' who shill ineffective supplements and give bad training advice.

Here are some of the lies you've been told:

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    You need to train 5 times per week using a push pull legs routine for optimal results.
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    You have to stick to the 'big 3', if you don't squat then you aren't a 'real' man.
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    You need to take supplements to build muscle naturally; creatine, beta-alanine, protein powders, pre-workouts; the list is endless, and your wallet is empty.
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    You need to bulk and get fat as hell to build muscle; it isn't possible to stay lean and get jacked year round.
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    You need to take drugs to be big, strong, and lean simultaneously.  

These are some of the most pervasive myths holding you back from achieving the body you desire.

In Size, Symmetry, Strength you'll uncover the secret formula to build muscle naturally, without any supplements.

The book combines bodybuilding principles of the golden era with modern strength and conditioning methods to create the definitive system. 

Before I explain in further detail..

You may be wondering..

"How can I trust you?" 

Well, your cynicism is understandable.

After all, the fitness industry isn't known for it's integrity!

Here's what you should know about me..

I'm Marcus

I don't claim to hold all the answers, after all, I'm human. Like you, I have a passion for fitness;  settling for average is not in my nature...

Why you should listen to me..


In an industry full of noise and confusion, it's becoming more and more difficult to decipher fact from fiction. That's why Marcus Borg's work is a breath of fresh air. If you're looking for sound information that's straight to the point and easy to digest, check out the site.


 Muscle Monsters 


Marcus delivers exceptional content on strength training and weight loss. I highly recommend Mindtomusclefitness for anyone looking to build a great physique drug-free!


 Man Vs Weight

I'm an average Joe...I don't have elite genetics, and most importantly I've built a great physique drug-free. I've tried (and failed) everything. Through trial and error, I've discovered what works, and what doesn't.

​When I first began training, I was extremely overwhelmed with all the conflicting information on the internet.

I ran around in circles, hopping from one program to the next.

Unfortunately, I wasted years of potential progress because of this.

In my years of wasted efforts, I made every mistake imaginable: 

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    I wasted frivolous amounts of money on ineffective supplements 
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    I didn't periodize my training
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    I squatted and deadlifted, even though I hated it. My legs were huge, but my upper body was crap
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    I ran high volume, low frequency body part training splits designed for steroid users
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    I focused on the 'squeeze' and the 'mind-muscle' connection rather than progressive overload

You know what?

This was actually the best thing that ever happened to me!

It forced me to wise up and learn the harsh realities of the fitness industry.

Ironically, it made me more determined than ever to find the elusive 'secret'.

What I soon realised was the essential truth that there is no magic pill. 

Great programming, good nutrition, and consistency are the fundamentals of muscle building.


This doesn't guarantee you will have a jaw-dropping, aesthetically pleasing physique.

You have to obey the three laws:

1. Size:  If You want your physique to truly stand out, you need to have a lot of muscle in the right areas.
2.  Symmetry: Bodybuilding is a game of illusion. Strategic muscle growth combined with the right body fat percentage is the key to aesthetics.
3.     Strength: As a natural lifter, strength is everything.  

What people are saying about the book...

Honest, innovative, and quality approach to weight training in an industry full of "fake news".

 This is a really innovative idea and is well laid out by Marcus Borg. This is a great program for the intermediate trainee and also for the experienced lifter looking for the quality 'old school' approach to weight training"

- Amazon review

This book is well written and will definitely help you gain more muscle mass and become stronger

 If you are one of those people that train each muscle group once per week and still wondering why you aren't seeing great results then I'd recommend for you to get Marcus's book"

- Amazon review

Go Bigger or Go Home!

Smooth, detailed, and convincing, author, Marcus Borg's bodybuilding and weight-training regime will surely be a game changer in the gym as well as in the mirror"

- Amazon review

Easy To Understand..

 I found Marcus' book really helpful, his clear, easy to understand explanations of the exercises were perfect for a newbie like me to safely do. Excellent book for anyone starting out"

- Amazon review

Size, Symmetry, Strength 

Get your copy now..

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