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7 Quick & easy body composition tests (up to 95% accurate)

Knowing your body fat percentage is crucial… It can help you decide whether to bulk or cutIt gives you the information you need to set specific, time-based goalsAll this is great, but there’s one problem:With so many ways to measure body fat, how do you know which method works (and doesn’t)?Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!Today, […]

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4 How to lose belly fat fast for men

If you want to know how to lose belly fat fast, there’s one thing you should realise: Belly fat is a bitch to get rid of! Belly fat is a bitch to get rid of! Here’s how to ditch it for good. Click to Tweet Here’s why:Stomach fat is usually the last to go (at least […]

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HIIT vs LISS | How to supercharge fat loss by 113%


Fat loss is determined by energy balance… This can be explained by the first law of thermodynamics, which states: “energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed.” A simple way to look at this is calories in vs calories out:If you consume more calories than your body expends- you gain […]

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2 How to make counting macros for weight loss easy

It’s no secret that counting macros for weight loss is a good idea… But how in the hell do you do it? Well, you don’t need to worry: Today, I’m going to show you how to do it step-by-step…It’s no secret that counting macros for weight loss is a good idea… But how in the hell do you do […]

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4 *Updated: How to get incredible intermittent fasting results (in-depth guide)

intermittent fasting results

Do you ever struggle with cravings and an insatiable appetite?  It sucks right? I’m not just speaking out of sympathy either… I’ve followed some gruesome diets:Let’s just say, I’ll never eat chicken, broccoli, and white rice ever again… Luckily- I don’t have this problem anymore. My last two dieting phases were smooth as peanut butter. You’re probably wondering: What’s my secret? Well, for […]

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7 The ultimate Paleo vs Keto showdown! Which is superior?

paleo vs keto

Table Of Contents What is the Paleo diet?Criticisms of the Paleo dietThe exclusion of Grains and DairyThe main cons of the Paleo diet Benefits of the Paleo dietWhat is the Ketogenic diet?What foods can you eat on a Ketogenic diet?The benefits of a Keto dietBenefit #1 | Reverses type 2 diabetesBenefit #2 | It’s a […]

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6 Burn stubborn fat quicker with fasted cardio

fasted cardio

  Is fasted cardio all it’s cracked up to be?    The debate between fasted and ‘fed’ state cardio has been around for a while. Much like intermittent fasting, and fad diets like Paleo it’s also a controversial topic. Many self-made gurus and ‘experts’ have given their take on the topic; both good and bad. […]

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The ultimate guide to flexible dieting and macros

flexible dieting

Is flexible dieting the answer?   If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or are in the process of doing so now you’ll agree with me when I say.. Weight loss is HARD. Unless you’re a masochistic son of a b#@ch you probably find dieting tedious and wish there was a better way. You’ll be pleased […]

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The Ugly Truth About Weight Loss Motivation

weight loss motivation

  If you’re struggling to lose weight and stay motivated, then you need to read this article..   You’re lying in bed having the most wonderful, heavenly sleep.. Then…BEEP! It’s your alarm clock, the time reads 6:00 AM and it dawns on you.. You have to do an hour of brutal cardio before your 8 […]

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