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4 *Updated: How to get incredible intermittent fasting results (in-depth guide)

intermittent fasting results

Do you ever struggle with cravings and an insatiable appetite?  It sucks right? I’m not just speaking out of sympathy either… I’ve followed some gruesome diets:Let’s just say, I’ll never eat chicken, broccoli, and white rice ever again… Luckily- I don’t have this problem anymore. My last two dieting phases were smooth as peanut butter. You’re probably wondering: What’s my secret? Well, for […]

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The ultimate guide to flexible dieting and macros

flexible dieting

Is flexible dieting the answer?   If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or are in the process of doing so now you’ll agree with me when I say.. Weight loss is HARD. Unless you’re a masochistic son of a b#@ch you probably find dieting tedious and wish there was a better way. You’ll be pleased […]

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