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The 21 best chest exercises (number #2 is the best)

chest exercises

Having watermelon pecs that act like a plate of armour is every mans dream. Read on to discover the best chest exercises (that actually work).. Chest and arms. The two muscle groups that adorn the attention of most guys in the gym. Monday is international bench day, the time where the gym is most packed […]

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The Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo Workout

cristiano ronaldo workout

Ever wanted to look like the famous football player cristiano ronaldo? Today is your lucky day! I present to you the cristiano ronaldo workout routine. Cristiano Ronaldo is possibly the best football player in the world currently and has inspired many people to get into football due to his great success. This is not the […]

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The Best Bodyweight Exercises (no gym needed!)

Want to know the best bodyweight exercises for building muscle fast? You have come to the right place! Many people in the fitness community want to know whether bodyweight exercises can build muscle mass, and if they do can they be as effective as weightlifting? You will hear many opinions on this in forums, videos and […]

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