(PDF) Jason momoa workout: Get big and strong like aquaman

Can we all agree that the new Aquaman looks bad-ass?

Jason Momoa has taken a lame superhero, like Aquaman, and made him cool:

jason momoa workout

(Photo on the right by Jonathan)

A feat, I never thought possible!

But even if you don't care for comic book characters, you have to admit...

Jason Momoa has an awesome physique. 

Luckily for you, I'm going to share how you can get a similar body.

But before I do:

I'm going to give a detailed analysis of Jason's best (and worst) bodyparts.

And I'll use this information to select the lifts that will help you achieve the same look.

Let's dive in..

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Who is Jason Momoa?  

First, a bit of backstory:

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa (what a mouthful), was born on August 1st 1979 in honolulu Hawaii. 

Jason was raised by his mother in Norwalk, Iowa. Following his stint at high school, he moved back to Hawaii and landed a lead role in the TV series Baywatch.

Fast forward 19 years and he snagged a role on the Emmy-nominated H.B.O series Game of thrones (2011). He played the infamous "Karl Drogo", a barbarian King.

(If you've been living under a rock and haven't seen this spectacular series, I couldn't recommend it enough!)

His first debut as Aquaman was a brief cameo in Batman vs superman.

However, he is set to reprise the role in a solo film in late 2018.

Jason Momoa's (Aquaman) stats 

jason momoa workout


6 ft 4 inches (193 cm)


234 pounds (106 kg)

Best muscle-groups

Jason is known for portraying tough, warrior types in his acting roles.

As a result, he carries a higher bodyfat %  to give him extra size.

His best muscle-groups are his:

  1. Chest and triceps
  2. Shoulders
  3. Forearms
  4. Neck/traps


jason momoa workout

Jason's chest is undoubtedly his best bodypart:

  • His clavicles are wide
  • He has thick upper pecs
  • He has good separation

Achieving a similar looking chest will be difficult.

It will largely depend on your anthropometry and genetics.

How to get his chest: You'll need to get strong on the incline bench press.

Goals: Aim for a 180lb (82.5kg)  incline bench for 5 repetitions.


jason momoa workout

Jason's wide frame can be attributed to his impressive shoulder development. 

His shoulders create a '3 D' illusion, making him look good at every angle: including the front, side, and back.

How to get his shoulders: Building round, fully developed delts  is a challenge for natural lifters. But it can be done.

The greatest shoulder builder, in my experience, is the standard overhead press. 

It recruits the front delt, lateral delt, and the rear delt equally effectively. 

*As this is a novice program, don't worry about hitting the shoulder from"all angles".  Focus on getting a strong vertical press and worry about isolating the shoulders later.

Goals: Aim for a 135 lb (60kg) overhead press for 5 repetitions. *MUST be strict, don't use leg drive.


jason momoa workout

Jason's arms aren't his strong point.

However,  he does have good  tricep insertions, which make his arms look bigger from the side.

How to get this triceps: The triceps are already hit hard with  the bench press and OHP.

Although, I've included 2 assistance exercises for performance benefits:

  1. The JM press- Recruits the medial head of the tricep, and helps to build lockout strength.
  2. The close grip bench press- Develops the long head of the tricep (the biggest part).

Goals: The assistance exercises are included to raise the main pushing movements (there is no need to set goals for them).


In the shot above, you can see Jason has decent forearm development...

And they compliment his triceps nicely (making his arms look big from the back/side).

How to get his forearms: The fastest way to develop the forearms is thick bar training and wrist extension/flexion.

I recommend you only use straps on your top sets, this should hypertrophy the forearms. On top of this, I've included wrist curls (for flexion) and reverse wrist curls (for extension).


jason momoa workout

If you were to cut Jason in half, he would still look impressive...

This is the power of having a big neck/traps.

But if you're like most people, the thought of training the neck directly is strange and maybe even "weird". 

However, it's worth the effort...

Fortunately, the neck only takes 20 minutes to train, and is incredibly responsive.

You can expect to get an 18 inch neck in roughly 1 year of consistent training (2-3x week). 

The beauty of training the neck, is that it builds the traps too:

Therefore, if you train the traps AND the neck simultaneously, you'll see faster results.

How to get his neck/traps: I've included shrugs and direct neck work in this program.

  • On workout A, you'll be using strict shrugs to build your strength foundation.
  • On workout B, you'll be doing power shrugs to get more overload on the traps.

The beauty of this setup, is that the power shrugs have awesome carryover to strict shrugging strength.


  1. Aim for a 405lb shrug (182.5kg) for 5 repetitions. 
  2. Aim for a 90lb (40kg) neck curl for 30 repetitions.

Worst muscle-groups

Jason Momoa's physique is great, but it isn't flawless. 

In my opinion, he has two major weak-points:

  1. His Biceps
  2. His upper back


If you look at a front pose of Jason, you'll notice that he has low bicep insertions. 

His triceps also overpower his arms, making is biceps look even smaller in comparison.

Unfortunately, this is a genetic limitation; there's nothing you can do to get bigger bicep peaks (apart from make the muscle bigger).

Upper back

jason momoa workout

Jason looks underwhelming from the back. His rear delts are quite impressive, however he has a lagging upper back.

To avoid hypertrophying the upper back too much, I've included pendlay rows which remove the eccentric portion of the rep.

What's Jason Momoa's body fat %?

jason momoa workout

I estimate that Jason's bodyfat percentage​​​​ (as Aquaman) is between 10-13%.

Here's why I believe he is at least 13% bf:

  • He has a flat stomach
  • He has a good amount of muscle separation overall
  • You can see his abdominals (when flexed)

Here's why I think he's above 10% bf:

  • He has minimal oblique definition
  • He doesn't display much abdominal separation when relaxed
  • He has low vascularity 
  • His physique has a soft appearance, indicative of the 10-15% bodyfat range.

Is Jason's physique attainable naturally?

Jason is 6"4 @ 234 lbs in Justice league (his second appearance as Aquaman).

I also estimate him to be 10-13% bodyfat.

Using this, we can calcualte his FFMI to be around 25-26.

What is FFMI?

BMI (body mass index) is used in clinical settings to determine how healthy an individual is.

It takes the person's weight and compares it to their height.

The problem with the BMI formulation is that it doesn't take muscle mass into consideration- So a muscular guy who is 5'10 @ 180lbs will be considered overweight.

Fat-free mas index (FFMI) was developed by studying  a sample of Mr America contestants in the 'pre-steroid' era (1939-1959).

A 19 on the FFMI scale is considered normal for the average male, and a 25 is determined as the upper limit of what's considered natural. 

Jason scores an FFMI of 25 at 13% body fat

And an FFMI of 26 when adjusted to 10% bdoyfat.

Looking at his pictures and  FFMI, I'm confident that his physique is achievable naturally. 

*This isn't to say that Jason is 100% natural (I can't know for certain) but you can achieve similar body with this program.   

Jason Momoa workout (for beginners)

Frequency: 3x week

Split: Fullbody

Workout (A)

  1. Incline bench 3x5
  2. Below the knee rack pulls (pin 1) 3x5
  3. Pendlay row 3x5
  4. BB shrugs (strict) 3x6
  5. JM press 3x8
  6. BB curl 3x10
  7. Ez bar wrist curls 3x20 

Neck workout: (2-3x week)

  1. Neck curls 3x30
  2. Neck extensions 3x30

Workout (B)

  1. OHP 3x5
  2. Below the knee rack pulls (pin 1) 3x5
  3. Pendlay row 3x5
  4. Power shrugs 1x5 (ramp set)
  5. Close grip bench press 3x8
  6. Weighted chin ups  3x RPT (3-5, 5-8, 8-10)
  7. Reverse wrist curls 3x20




Workout (A)


OFF (Neck workout)


Workout (B)


OFF (Neck workout)


Workout (A)





*Cycle between workout A & B.

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I recommend you do a lean bulk, following these guidelines:

  • You should aim to gain roughly 0.5-1lb per week (12-24 lbs in 6 months) 
  • Eat 0.8 grams of protein per 1lb of bodyweight
  • 20% fat intake
  • The rest from carbohydrates


You don't NEED to take any supplements following this program.

However, you can get a small 5% boost to muscle & strength gains if you use these  supplements:

  1. Creatine
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Fish oil 
  4. (optional) whey protein


If you want to look big and strong like Aquaman- this is the program for you!

You should see results in 6-12 months of consistent training.

I wish you the bets of luck with your gains.

Now, it's over to you:

Do you plan on using this workout? And which Aquaman do you prefer; the classic, or the new?  Let me know in the comments!

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